PHOTO: Former Cerezo players’ visit to Maishima

UPDATED: June 11, 1:08. Photos added.

It’s almost summer. European football season finished and Japanese players have returned to their home country.

There’s a word fubutsushi in Japanese and it means things which remind us of a particular season. For example, things like fireworks and watermelon are, for many Japanese, regarded as a fubutsushi of summer.

For Cerezo Osaka supporters, former Cerezo players’ visit to Maishima, where the club’s training ground and clubhouse are located, may be seen as a fubutsushi of summer. Although it’s still the very beginning of summer, former players already visited Maishima or other Cerezo-related place.


Takashi Inui (and Hotaru Yamaguchi)


Shinji Kagawa

公式マーク付きました! これからもよろしくお願いします! 昨日は寮長さん寮母さんに会ってきました😊

MitsuruMaruoka(丸岡満)さん(@mitsurumaruoka)が投稿した写真 –


Takumi Minamino

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