From Golazo! Cerezo: Who is the player who impressed you the most?

From today’s Golazo! Cerezo:


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Aeri Ikeda: Who is your idol?

Tatsuya Yamashita: I used to like (Takashi) Fukunishi…

Aeri: But a different position?

Yamashita: Yeah different, but I used to play as a defensive midfielder too. He’s handsome, and he scores many goals and also good at heading.

Aeri: How about you, Tanaka?

Yusuke Tanaka: Roberto Baggio. 1994 was the first World Cup for me to watch and he played very well there. And of course his hairstyle…

Aeri: Haha, that ponytail?

Tanaka: Yeah that was very impressive.

Aeri: How about you, Jonjic?

Matej Jonjic: I often watched Serie A games and liked Italian, old style, like ’90s, defenders. Among them, I liked players like Nesta and Maldini.
[This part is basically transcribed from the subtitles because I couldn’t correctly get what he said.]


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Aeri: Who is the player who impressed you the most?

Jonjic: I used to play against Wesley Sneijder and he was amazingly good. The best player I’ve ever played against.

Aeri: In what situation you felt so?

Jonjic: It’s hard to mark him because he’s all the time between the midfields and in front of defense. If you go in front, you get the ball behind. If you stay, he’s free. His position is very good.

Aeri: How about you two?

Yamashita: Wagner Love who I used to play against in the ACL. He’s skillful and strong. He’s also good at passing. He can do everything so he was troublesome.

Aeri: How about you, Tanaka?

Tanaka: For me… Hulk. When I played for Marinos against Verdy he was there and I played him one on one. Just two words: Strong and fast. I was really surprised.

Aeri: You hadn’t felt like that before?

Tanaka: Yeah, I felt like I really couldn’t do anything. I just wished the ball wouldn’t approach him (laugh).

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