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Tie with Bangkok Glass deepening as it launches the academy with Cerezo and Yanmar

Posted at — May 16, 2015

The tie with a TPL side Bangkok Glass FC, a partner club for Cerezo Osaka since 2012, is deepening as it is set to launch the academy with assistance of Cerezo and Yanmar.

BGFC has arrived in Osaka today to hold a mid-season training camp at the Maishima training ground. There will be two friendly matches played between BGFC and Cerezo Osaka (and the U-18 team) during the visit.

BGFC has recently announced the plan to launch the football academy in Bangkok with assistance of Cerezo Osaka and Cerezo’s top partner Yanmar. It is named “Yamaoka Hanasaka Football Academy” and will be officially revealed at a press conference which will be held on May 22nd.

The name suggests the deepening of the relationship between the two teams. “Yamaoka” is the family name of the current Yanmar president, Takehito Yamaoka, and implies the deep commitment of the company (or the founder family). “Hanasaka” means, generally speaking, “to flourish” or “to make a flower bloom.” At the same time, it is also the name of Cerezo’s youth assistance program by the supporters. Not just Yanmar, but Cerezo will also reportedly help BGFC start the new endeavor by sending some coaches to Thailand.

Due to the language barrier, these are all I know at the moment. More details are expected to be unveiled at the press conference.


Source: Bangkok Glass FC Official Website