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Osaka based idol becomes Cerezo's 'supporter trainee'

Posted at — Mar 3, 2017

Cerezo Osaka officially announced that an Osaka based idol group Tacoyaki Rainbow has become their official supporter minarai or trainee last week.

Tacoyaki Rainbow (also called TacoNiji in an abbreviated form as niji is a word standing for rainbow in Japanese), affiliated with Stardust Promotion along with their sister group Momoiro Clover, one of the most popular idol groups in Japan, was formed in 2012 and now consists of 5 girls born in the Kansai region (Kurumi Hori, Sakura Ayaki, Saki Kiyoi, Karen Negishi, and Mai Haruna). The group with Osaka’s specialty in their name has been active nationwide while basing their activities in Osaka and has released 7 singles and an album so far.

While what they will do with the club as “official supporter trainee” is uncertain (we don’t even know what that weird phrase means), they have revealed they visited Cerezo’s game and training session in the recent months on their blog and Twitter. They also posted a video tweet to celebrate Cerezo’s promotion to J1 when they secured it in December.

Cerezo have also somehow been seeking to gain something from inviting musicians to Nagai. Last year, boy band Solidemo and female singer Ami Suzuki visited there to have a mini concert at Nagai Park and sing our anthem at the stadium. Perhaps one of the reasons behind it was that Cerezo (more precisely, Cerezo Osaka Sports Club) got the right and started to administer the park as a designated administrator in April last year, although it probably has nothing to do with the project with TacoNiji.