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This year is coming to an end but our season hasn't finished yet

Posted at — Dec 31, 2017

2017 is approaching to its end and 2018 is almost here. This year was, as you of course know, a good year. Coming back to the J1 League after a long time, Cerezo not just finished the league in the third place, but also won the first title in club history. Their achievement this year was far more than expected, as I repeatedly wrote on blog and perhaps Twitter that we shouldn’t be overconfident, avoiding relegation could be satisfying. It turned out I was totally wrong and I’m happy with it.

But, needless to say, our season hasn’t finished yet. Tomorrow we have the Emperor’s Cup final at Saitama Stadium 2002 and the team fight to earn a Levain and Emperor’s Cup double. If achieved, it is of course historic and will be a great end of the season as well as a great beginning of the year. According to the manager, the atmosphere within the team is good while the players have remained focused. Some media outlet predicts Cerezo are on a favorable side as we won all matches against Marinos this year but it means nothing in this kind of situation. As Kim Jin-Hyeon said, “having a chance to win two cups in a year is a rare thing. I really want to finish (the season) smiling together with everyone by winning it.”

I was going to write something more before the new year comes but unfortunately time doesn’t allow me to do so. Have a happy new year everyone, and let’s make a great start of the new year tomorrow!