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Cerezo Osaka won a training match with a new formation

Posted at — Feb 8, 2019

Cerezo Osaka played a training match against Yokohama F. Marinos and won it 1-0 today. Manager Miguel Angel Lotina reportedly tested a new formation and Takaki Fukumitsu, who played as a left central midfielder, scored from a cross sent by right wing back Kota Mizunuma according to Sports Nippon.

The lineup was as below.

GK: Kim Jin-hyeon
DF: Kimoto, Jonjic, Yamashita, Funaki
MF: Mizunuma, Souza, Fukumitsu (Tanaka - 60'), Okuno (Matsuda - 60')
FW: Kakitani, Bruno Mendes

Sports Nippon described the new formation as 3-5-2 but one supporter tweeted it was actually something like 5-3-2 in defensive situations and 3-2-5 in attacking situations, and it was changed to 4-4-2 in the second half.

Although the game ended in Cerezo’s win, they were on the back foot especially in the first half according to Sports Nippon and Sports Hochi. Lotina told Hochi that “few chances were created but we were attacked deep. We easily lost the ball when we got it, so we need to get used to keeping the ball more.”

Sports Nippon also revealed that Hiroshi Kiyotake is still unavailable, arguably because of injury.