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Cerezo won 2-1 against Miyazaki Sangyo Keiei University

Posted at — Feb 6, 2019

Cerezo played the second training match during the preseason against Miyazaki Sangyo Keiei University and won it 2-1 today.

Although it wasn’t broadcasted, the club revealed which players appeared in the game.

1st 0-0
GK: Kakoi
DF: Matsuda, Kimoto, Jonjic, Funaki
MF: Mizunuma, Souza, Fukumitsu, Okuno
FW: Kakitani, Tokura

2nd 2-1 (Tanaka, Bruno Mendes)
GK: Kakoi
DF: Fujimoto, Maruhashi, Yamashita, Nishimoto
MF: Fujita, Akiyama, Tanaka, Trainee
FW: Sawakami (Ando - 75'), Bruno Mendes

The unnamed trainee is considered to be Jun Nishikawa.

El Golazo writer Hisashi Oda tweeted that the game was “interesting in many aspects.” The team are trying to “intentionally make the numerical advantage and perform a reproducible attacking style” and “the process of moving the ball has been trained step by step.” He chose Atomu Tanaka, who showed “a superb move when he went into the space intentionally created” and scored and set up a goal in the second half, as the man of the match.

Former Japan international Kazuyuki Toda, who currently works as a football commentator, was also at the Miyazaki Kokusai Entrance Plaza to watch the match. Of course they “need more time to be ‘excellent’ at the stage of J1,” he found that “Cerezo are already changing.”