Jun Nishikawa

Jun Nishikawa wants to “gain experience in the J.League…

Jun Nishikawa is said to have attracted interests from foreign clubs including Barcelona, but he thinks there are things to do in Japan before...
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Jun Nishikawa selected in The Guardian’s “Next Generation 2019”

The Guardian published their selection of “Next Generation 2019: 60 of the best young talents in world football,” an annual series of promising player...
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英紙The Guardianがウェブ版に“Next Generation 2019: 60 of the best young talents in world football”を掲載。将来有望な選手を各国から選出するというもので、2014年から行っているシリーズとなります。今回は2002年生まれの選手の中から選出。日本からはセレッソ大阪加入内定の西川潤が選ばれています。
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NEWS: Barcelona willing to wait for Cerezo Osaka prospect…

Barcelona haven’t dropped their push for Cerezo Osaka prospect Jun Nishikawa. Read more
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移籍情報で日本でも言及されることのあるイタリアのウェブサイト、Tutto Mercato Webが西川潤を「日本のロッベン」と称して紹介しています。
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NEWS: Barcelona in talks for Japanese pair Hiroki Abe…

Barcelona are raiding Japanese football to boost their B team. Mundo Deportivo says Hiroki Abe, 20, and Jun Nishikawa, 17, are both on Barca’s...
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